NO CONTROL Radio Replay 4/23/22

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We know you have choices in how you listen to metal, but appreciate you taking a moment to check this bastard out. Your responses may be recorded in case of any seizure or insanity that may occur upon jamming the new Artificial Brain, Rammstein, Astronoid, Clutch, Wormrot, Terror, or local favorites like Spirit Adrift and Grey Feather along with so much more. (plus some guest list spot may be left over, so don’t be a dumb ass, check it out)

artist song title album title
Raped in Hatred By Vines of Thorns Everblack
Hang Em Low Pain is Forever and This is the End
Celestial Cyst Artificial Brain
Valhalla Awaits Me With Oden On Our Side
Primal Concrete Sledge Cowboys From Hell
Omen Bullet For My Valentine
Behind Closed Doors Hiss
Boundless Contempt Pain Into Power
Bonded By Blood Bonded By Blood
Clarity Volition
Voodoo The Mob Rules
Sorcerer’s Fate Single
artist song title album title
Implode Repentless
Zick Zack Zeit
Eyes Radiant Bloom
Chlorine and Wine Purple
Choke on the Ashes of Your Hate Of Kingdom and Crown
Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone) Single
Grave Dive Electrified Brain
Homicidal Retribution War of Attrition
Involuntary Doppelganger Relentless Mutation
Nomad Chaos AD
Two Wolves Love and Bluebonnets
Ashen The Others (Lustmord Deconstructed)
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