NO CONTROL Radio Replay 9/16/23

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We are getting down to the end. End of what you say, well you might want to check out this week’s episode and get more details on how you are losing one thing and gaining a LOT more here on KLBJ! So there’s that and lots of new tunes from Daath, ONI, Fugitive, Dying Fetus, Harm’s Way, WITTR, TesseracT, plus Texas made metal from The Well and Bruka and more!

artist song title album title
5 Minutes Alone Far Beyond Driven
Blast Furnace Blast Furnace Ep
Aura The Silver Line
Skin Of My Teeth Countdown to Extinction
The Silent Foray Single
The Agony Seeping Storm In a Decade
Jaded The Fear of Fear Ep
Wanderlust New Junk Aesthetic
Revenge is a Vulture Advance and Vanquish
Electric Worry From Beale Street to Oblivion
Mortal Bones Samsara
artist song title album title
South of Heaven South of Heaven
Twin Mouthed Spring Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge
Undertow Common Suffering
Frost Hammer Snakes for the Divine
Feast of Ashes Make Them Beg for Death
Keres Godlike
The Grey War of Being
Christian Woman Bloody Kisses
Dogman Dogman
Apocalyptic Havoc Carving Out the Eyes of God
Certain Side of Hell Plague Tempest Ep
You Should See Me In a Crown The God Slayer

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