The RUSSIANS Blew Up What in Outer Space?


The RUSSIANS Blew Up What in Outer Space? Talk about life imitating art!?! Remember the film, ‘Gravity’? I do. The premise was the Russians blew up one of their spy satellites and it resulted in many more satellites being destroyed. The shrapnel then ended up destroying a space shuttle and Sandra Bullock and George Clooney had to try and survive.

Well… THIS HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE! Apparently, this wasn’t the first time the Russians shot a missile into space to destroy a satellite. The first one missed! This test actually worked, blew up a satellite, and the debris will now endanger the International Space Station for years! The current astro/cosmonauts had to enter thier ‘escape pods’ in case the ISS was hit with debris! I totally would’ve messed up my space suit real bad.

This whole scenario was predicted in the movie ‘Gravity’. Here’s the breathtaking scene when George and Sandra realize they’re in a world of hurt… in outer space. I forgot how anxious this scene made me feel. Some truly amazing cinematography, pacing, music, and feelz. Thanks, Russia.


Here’s the whole TRUE story as reported by Reuters.




If life truly would imitate art, I’d like my experience to be Willy Wonka themed, thank you. Check out this amazing hotel room with edible wall paper and chocolate fountains!

Willy Wonka Hotel Room

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