The Cyborgs Are Coming!?!

Robocop cyborg face

The Cyborgs Are Coming!?!

Yep… fact might just be stranger than fiction these days. What was once only written about in fantasy novels is actually coming true. Have you heard of Neuralink? It’s one of Elon Musk’s companies. Their mission statement is to, “develop ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” Basically, they’re creating a microchip that is implanted in human brains. The hope is that it can, “control complex electronic devices and eventually allow people with paralysis to regain motor function and treat brain diseases.” Sounds good right? Until someone has the capability to HACK YER DANG OL BRAIN! I know, I sound like a crazy person. But isn’t this whole thing crazy, or is it just progress? Neuralink wants to start HUMAN TRIALS IN SIX MONTHS. So, this just isn’t spitballing and hyperbole anymore… this is real life. They’ve already stuck one of these in a dang ol monkey and it could play a video game without its hands, or paws, or whatever, just by using its brain. CRAZY!!! What’s crazier is that a company from Australia started their human trials with this technology last year.


Neuralink’s Future in YOUR Brain

If you care to, read this article about the timetable for the implementation of Neuralink technology. Nothing to lose sleep over today, but this is most definitely the future. I was worried for a minute, but that anxiety passed. This will be my kid’s, or their child’s problem to deal with. Much like how to pay for Social Security, Austin’s transportation woes, and what to do with Kanye.


At least they’re going to be “extremely careful!”

Does this statement make you feel any better about the situation? lololololololol

Neuralink statement


Unmasking of RoboCop

If you only know of RoboCop from the remakes, I highly encourage you to see the original. After rewatching it, I noticed Officer Alex James Murphy made powerful statements throughout the movie that went over my head as a kid. Crazy to think this might be my grandchild’s future. But, here we are.




Natalie Sideserf is the QUEEN of Hyperrealistic Cakes!

Speaking of things that aren’t actually are what they appear to be, have you ever heard of Sideserf Cake Studio? They do some absolutely insane things with cake! Check out the interview with Natalie and husband Dave, then follow along with all their adventures.

Natalie Sideserf


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