NO CONTROL Radio Replay 9/4/21

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It’s Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of the Summer, I mean of course we have two more months of heat, but since when did that matter, FALL! Bring on Halloween and stuff! I digress, excellent show this week, tons of new stuff from AAL, Vildjharta, Ghost Bath, Be’Lakor, homegrown Dining With Dogs and Death of a Dream and more!

artist song title album title
Harvester of Sorrow And Justice For All
Monomyth Single
Forge Your Future Forge Your Future Ep
Turk Death is This Comunion
Lost Boy Kin
Toxin Kaos2
Days of Future Past Senjutsu
Walk With Me In Hell Sacrament
Stroke of Red Weight of False Self
The Hammer Ace of Spades
Moving Targets Sentenced to Suffering
artist song title album title
Disciple God Hates Us All
Algorithmic Salvation Single
Hidden Window Coherence
With Their Flesh, He’ll Create The Erosion of Sanity
Finger Paintings of the Insane When the Kite String Pops
The Beatings Will Continue Persona non Grata
Bleed the Future Bleed the Future
Convince Me To Bleed Self Loather
Altering the Future Spiritual Healing
March of the Fire Ants Remission
Territory Chaos AD
Puzzled The Problem With Friends
Quake Single

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