NO CONTROL Radio Replay 8/27/22

This week has seriously been one of the most stressful of my years in radio. You have nightmares about stuff like what happened this week, it’s the naked in the control room with dead air dream, then, lightning striking the studios…in that order. So this week’s show is a little all over the place, but some great tunes from Chelsea Grin, Carcass, Enslaved, Slayer, Goatwhore, Ozzy, plus homegrown Glassing and Runescarred plus tickets to things.

artist song title album title
Creeping Death Ride the Lightning
Cursed to Die Pain Remains
Origin of Sin Suffer In Hell
Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody Swansong
Re-Crucified Netherheaven
Born of Satan’s Flesh Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven
Eden Will Drown Spilt 7″
The Diplomat Book Burner
See You In Hell See You In Hell
Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags Twilight of the Thunder God
Sulk Dire and Sulk
artist song title album title
Mandatory Suicide South of Heaven
Thy Becoming Eternal Opvs Contra Natvram
Kingdom single
Demon of the Fall My Arms, Your Hearse
Yen The End, So Far
Degradation Rules Patient Number Nine
Slaughter Beach Sunrise on Slaughter Beach
Blacken the Cursed Sun Sacrament
Drumhead Trial Volition
This Is Mine We Are
Unsung Single
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