NO CONTROL Radio Replay 6/11/22

As the flames from the pit of hell engulf Texas with its sweltering sweaty taint, our AC units work in unison to try and keep us alive. It’s only June.
At Least the music is decent, right?! New tunes from Lamb of God, Eluvetie, Decapitated, Municipal Waste, Candy, Lorna Shore, plus home grown Mothman and Flesh Hoarder and lots more this week.

artist song title album title
Caffeine Angel Dust
Glitch Single
Aidus Single
Backbone From Mars to Sirius
Dawn of the Angry Damnation
Iconoclast Cancer Culture
Popecrusher Nightside
High Speed Steel Electrified Brain
Hell On Wheels King of the Road
Reflect the Storm Come Clarity
Faiseurs de mondes Les Voyages de Lame
Don’t Ever Let Me Catch You Cancer Withdrawal
artist song title album title
War Ensemble Seasons in the Abyss
Transcend to Wet Heaven is Here
Rend Asunder Pain Remains
Disposable Heroes Master of Puppets
Nevermore Omens
Get In To The Ring The Great Heathen Army
Sun//Eater Single
Trilobite Remission
Legions (In Hiding) Low
Dwelling With Hatred Relic of Putrescent Filth
Breaker Primal Fear (Deluxe)
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