NO CONTROL Radio Replay 5/13/23


When I think of celebrating Mother’s Day, it scream metal. No? I mean what could be more metal than being your Mom? My Mom wanted to hear some Loretta Lynn, but instead I chose a different path this episode. New tunes from KEN Mode, Signs of the Swarm, Khemmis, Cloak, Kvelertak, Immortal, Texas Made Black Thorn Halo and Eagle Claw and a bunch of requests only a mother could love. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms that rock their asses off!

artist song title album title
Beer We Couldn’t Think of a Title
Keep Your Mouth Shut One With the Underdogs
I Cannot Single
Amongst the Low and Empty Single
Chopped In Half Cause of Death
Primitive Future Beneath the Remains
Dead Words Killing Innocence
Sigil When the Cold Wind Blows 7″
Seven Thunders Black Flame Eternal
Rapid Fire British Steel
Revolve Stoner Witch
Arsia Vallis
artist song title album title
Praise of Death Hell Awaits
Kroterveg Te Helvete Endling
Chrononautilus The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)
Valhalla Awaits Me With Oden On Our Side
Fence Truth Killer
Wargod War Against All
30 Under 13 Single
Future Breed Machine Destroy Erase Improve
Dyer’s Eve And Justice For All
Into the Unknown The Horde
Hammer Smashed Face The Aggression Sessions Ep

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