NO CONTROL Radio Replay 4/16/22

This weekend we celebrate Easter with a few special songs, see if you can pick them out of the line up. A bunch of new stuff from Machine Head, Terror, Rammstein, Municipal Waste, Clutch, Astronoid, plus tickets to everything, and homegrown from BLK Ops and Grey Feather and so much more.

artist song title album title
Through the Fire and the Flames Inhuman Rampage
Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone) Single
Eyes Radiant Bloom
Walk With Me In Hell Sacrament
Choke of the Ashes of Your Hate Of Kingdom and Crown
Zick Zack Zeit
Grave Dive Electrified Brain
Indians Among the Living
March of the Fire Ants Remission
Malpractice Angel Dust
Two Wolves Love and Bluebonnets
artist song title album title
Disciple God Hates Us All
Celestial Cyst Artificial Brain
Behind Closed Doors Hiss
Dechristianize Dechristianize
Mancoon Jason…The Dragon
Omen Bullet For My Valentine
Boundless Contempt Pain Into Power
Hang Em Low Pain is Forever and This is the End
Evil Eye The Action is Go
Murderer’s Muse Beyond Hell
In the Meantime Meantime
Host The Heroic Dose
Judas Single


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