NO CONTROL Radio Replay 3/4/23


The first show of March usually starts the swell up to SX, but the pickins are slim for metal in the official show department this year. I will do my best to put all the things together next week, but in the meantime we have a ton of new music from Periphery, Cattle Decap, Metallica, Netherlands, Sleep Token, Daath, plus Texas Made Metal from Aaerial and Hinayana and lots of tickets to hand out too! So share this thing and spread the metal!

artist song title album title
The Fool King
Pissed Homicidal Ecstasy
Wildfire V: Djent is Not a Genre
Holy Wars…Punishment is Due Rust in Peace
Slasher Slasher Ep
Unbridled Fury Single
Godhead Single
Electric Red ObZen
Dark Horse Axe to Fall
I Hate Buffering With Roots Below…
Error 407 Single
artist song title album title
When the Stillness Comes Repentless
No Rest No End Single
We Eat Our Young Terrasite
Screaming for Vengeance Screaming for Vengeance
If Darkness Had a Son 72 Seasons
Severance Severance
Vore Take Me Back to Eden
Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing
Cold Conception Death of the Cosmic Ep
The Mandolorian Special Edition

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