NO CONTROL Radio Replay 3/26/22

Some excellent tunes this week from Septicflesh, Rammstein, Decapitated, Cave In, Meshuggah, plus homegrown Dining With Dogs and Mothman and plenty of tickets to shows and more!

artist song title album title
Stigmata The Land of Rape and Honey
Sweet Dreams of Otherness Otherness
Transcending Time A View From the Top of the World
A Tout le Monde United Abominations
Hierophant Modern Primitive
Unconquered Single
Zeit Zeit
Death Diviner A Whisp of the Atlantic
Prehistoric Dog Red Fang
Puzzled The Problem With Friends
artist song title album title
Perversions of Pain Diabolous in Musica
Cancer Culture Cancer Culture
80486DX Personal Computer
Revenge is a Vulture Advance and Vanquish
Secrets of the American Gods Single
New Reality Heavy Pendulum
I Am That Thirst Immutable
Chainsaw Dismemberment Chainsaw Dismemberment
Incarnate Solvent Abuse Necroticism
Swallowers Mothman
Imaginary Fire Leather Terror
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