NO CONTROL Radio Replay 3/18/23

Well kids, that’s a wrap on another year of SXSW. I know all you metalheads are sad to see it go, so many things you missed out…wait, That wasn’t quite my experience this year, but there were some good shows, thanks to all those locals keeping it real. This week is kind of normal show, new tunes from Unearth, Sylosis, Devildriver, Sleep Token, Daath, Fit for an Autopsy, Texas Made Metal from Eagle Claw and Necrofier and plenty more.

artist song title album title
Hot Doughnuts Now AS Single
Mother Betrayal The Wretched The Ruinous
Deadwood Single
Tear It Down Crossover
Left Behind Iowa
Through the Depths Dealing With Demons Pt II
Hellions The Aggression Sessions
Slasher Slasher Ep
Battery Master of Puppets
Live to Win Ace of Spades
Burnt by the Sacred Flame Burning Shadows in the Southern Night
artist song title album title
Fight Till Death Show No Mercy
Vore Take Me Back to Eden
Invictus Black Flame Eternal
Malpractice Angel Dust
Severance Severance
No Rest No End Single
We Eat Our Young Terrasite
Legions (In Hiding) Low
Hollow Severer Time Will Fuse Its Worth
Olympus Vallis
Lay All Your Love On Me I Am Woman

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