NO CONTROL Radio Replay 2/19/22


We survived that fake holiday this week to be confronted with the onslaught of Spring and the upcoming tide of live shows, which to be honest after all the COVID stuff, is nice to not see being cancelled! New music this week and plenty of tickets for shows, new Moon Tooth, Amon Amarth, Kreator, HEALTH, Monuments Meshuggah, plus homegrown Critical Assembly and Hinayana and much more!

artist song title album title
Stranded Magma
Nymphaeaceae Phototroph
Put Your Back Into the Oar Single
Beneath the Wheel Thrashzone
Of Beasts and Worms Damnum
The Abysmal Fire Immutable
Watchtower Single
Hallowed Be Thy Name Number of the Beast
Oblivion Crack the Skye
Bedlam Cure System Reboot
artist song title album title
War Zone God Hates Us All
Hate Uber Alles Hate Uber Alles
Cold Blood DISCO4: Pt II
Practice What You Preach Practice What You Preach
Back Burner Messengers
Cardinal Red In Stasis
Thermal Runaway Single
The Howling Single
Conquer All Demigod
Spheres of Madness Nihility
Death of the Cosmic Death of the Cosmic Ep
March of the Insane Single
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