NO CONTROL Radio Replay 11/26/22

Thanksgiving 2022 has been another for the ages, so many good things to be thankful for and so many friends and family missed. We pay a little tribute to the late Johnny Walker on this episode, a truly legendary Austin DJ, and give thanks for all he did for the ATX music scene. We also give thanks for the metal, of which there is a ton, two new local bands to NO CONTROL Astrixion and Metalriser featured tonight amongst all the new stuff.

artist song title album title
Hammer Smashed Face Tomb of the Mutilated
Masters of Morbidity Single
Lilian Anno 1696
Sign of the Southern Cross Mob Rules
Exodus Single
The Wrong Time Dying of Everything
Doomswitch Single
No Love Lost Heartwork
Vacuity The Way of All Flesh
Six Gun Ep
artist song title album title
War Ensemble Seasons in the Abyss
Paper Warrior Quarter Life Daydream
Ancestry Death Below
Deadly Sinners Advance and Vanquish
The Well Single
Atrium Sky Void of Stars
Absolute Zero Single
Beneath the Wheel Thrash Zone
Downfall Demise
Bonecrusher (Extended Bone) RIP Johnny Walker

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