NO CONTROL Radio Replay 10/29/22 – Halloween Metal!


One of my favorite episodes of the year, mainly because we play nothing but old jams, but really it’s our time of year. Horror movies on all the channels, people want to be scared and metal fits the soundtrack just right. Standards from the Misfits, King Diamond, Fantomas, plus funny stuff from Eat My Pumpkin and Green Jelly, NO CONTROL will be your tunes for our favorite holiday! Happy Halloween!

artist song title album title
Eaten Back to Life Eaten Back to Life
Halloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt I
Where the Slime Lives Domination
Halloween Once More Round the Sun
Chopped In Half Cause of Death
Evil Dead Scream Bloody Gore
Night on Bald Mountain Legion of the Undead
Forced Gender Reassignment Monolith of Inhumanity
Trick or Treat Music to Insult Your Intelligence By
Reek of Putrefaction Symphonies of Sickness
Re-Animator Rigor Mortis
Raped In Hatred By Vines of Thorn Everblack
artist song title album title
Necrophiliac Hell Awaits
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Chainsaw Dismemberment
Halloween Fatal Portrait
Halloween in Heaven Dead Again
Trick or Treat
Monster Frankensteina Strataemontanus
Compulsion for Cruelty Single
October 31st Witchtanic Hallucinations
Rosemary’s Baby The Director’s Cut
Halloween Halloween
Dominion of Decay Monotheist
Children of the Grave Master of Reality
Carved Survival of the Sickest
Time Warp

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