NO CONTROL Radio Replay 10/1/22

No matter what I have going on in my world, you always get a new batch of metal on Saturday night. My little bro got married this weekend, so I may have been ‘phoning it in’ this week, but all the new stuff from Venom Inc, Bloodbath, Torche, In Flames, Destrage, Suicide Silence, home grown from BLK Ops and Flesh Hoarder and tickets to Lamb of God and Carnifex still made it into the airwaves. Enjoy the first show of October!


artist song title album title
The Regulator Blast Tyrant
Come To Me There is Only Black
Putrefying Corpse Survival of the Sickest
Dawn of the Angry Domination
Into the Pit The New Order
Grayscale Omens
It Never Began Single
Forgone Pt I Forgone
God, Guns and Guts God, Guns and Guts
Down Again The Impossibility of Reason
By Demons Be Driven Vulgar Display of Power
Host The Heroic Dose
artist song title album title
Hallowed Point Seasons In the Abyss
Hamartia Single
Everything Sucks and I Think I’m a Part of It So Much, Too Much
All Bodies Alaska
Compulsion for Cruelty Single
Shoujahitsumetsu Shiki
You Must Die Remember…You Must Die
Everytime I Die Follow the Reaper
Dyson Sphere Elements of the Infinite
Hammer Smashed Face Tomb of the Mutilated
Gratification Through Mutilation Relic of Putrescent Filth
Got the Time Persistence of Time

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