NO CONTROL Radio Replay 1/8/22

We are back to regularly scheduled programming for 2022, bringing you the latest and greatest from Karnivool, Amorphis, Crowbar, Slipknot, Arch Enemy, Zeal & Ardor, plus homegrown Ungrieved and Koningsor and more!

artist song title album title
The Duelists Powerslave
All It Takes Single
Acid Vat Corpsegrinder
This Mortal Coil Heartwork
The Moon Halo
Chemical Godz Zero and Below
Where the Light Grows Cold Single
Hangar 18 Rust in Peace
Symptom of the Universe Sabotage
Terminal Times Terminal Times
artist song title album title
War Ensemble Seasons in the Abyss
House of Mirrors Single
Immovable Stone Single
Decimate the Weak Decimate the Weak
Blood and Thunder Leviathan
Gotterdammerung Zeal and Ardor
The Chapeltown Rag Single
Narcissus Resentment is Always Seismic
Be All, End All State of Euphoria
Love You To Death October Rust
Japan, Japan Ep
Neverending Story The Story of Your Life Pt I
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