NO CONTROL Radio Replay 1/7/23

First show of the new year, well technically the second, but you know what I mean, the first regular show. The new tunes haven’t been pouring in yet for ’23, but have the latest Metallica, Zeal & Ardor, Katatonia, Currents, Obituary, Exhumed, plus Texas Made Metal from Ungrieved and Deocculted. Tune in and destroy.

artist song title album title
Boom Primitive
Austerity Sky Void of Stars
The Nuckelavee Warlock’s Grin and Withered Hags
Conquer All Demigod
The Dance of Eternal Shadows Under a Funeral Moon
Firewake Single
Shaken (Not Stirred) The Generation of Damage
Dying of Everything Dying of Everything
Bury Me In Smoke NOLA
Blood Like Cream Whales & Leeches
Kick is King Sleepwalking to Extinction Ep
artist song title album title
Dead Skin Mask Seasons in the Abyss
Exodus Single
In Purgatory Single
Disciples of the Watch The New Order
Drained of Color To The Dead
Vengeance Single
Lux AEterna 72 Seasons
Crack the Skye Crack the Skye
The Toxic Waltz Fabulous Disaster
Ectoplasm Ep
Square Hammer Todsunden

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