NO CONTROL Radio Replay 1/21/23

It’s my Birthday! I didn’t go all crazy and just play my favorites or anything (which I should have), but I did squeeze a few tunes in that I dig from some old school albums, as well as a boat load of new music from Ihsahn, Kamelot, Hellripper, Periphery, Insomnium, Turbid North, homegrown Texas Made Metal from Ungrieved and Destroyer of Light and lots more. Check it out, and if you wan to get me something nice? More freaking listeners, so tell your damn friends about NO CONTROL!

artist song title album title
The Wolf is Loose Blood Mountain
Contorted Monuments Single
One More Flag In the Ground The Awakening
Bloodmeat Fortress
Kill Yourself Speak English or Die
Warlock’s Grin & Withered Hags Warlock’s Grin & Withered Hags
Wildfire V: Djent is Not a Genre
Lux Aeterna 72 Seasons
A New Level Vulgar Display of Power
Ship of Gold The Elephant Riders
Contagion Panic
artist song title album title
Spill the Blood South of Heaven
Firewake Single
Breaking Point Single
Perpetual Black Second Nothing
The Witch Hunter Anno 1696
The Old Ones The Decline
Untended Graves Single
Necropolis Deflorate
Suite-Pee System of a Down
Overkill Overkill
Kick is King Sleepwalking to Extinction
Implore the Darken Sky Single

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