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Austin Film Festival

26th Anniversary of this iconic Austin event Oct. 24th - 31st

Did you know it's the 26th Anniversary of the Austin Film Festival? Not only does the organization curate a festival Oct. 24th - Oct. 31st, but they also offer yearlong events, summer camps, and do everything from TV shows to podcasts! They are literally a 'safe space' for anyone interested in the world of storytelling and entertainment. The actual festival is a great place to see films that might be 'Oscar bait', check out some sweet Indie and local films, network with fellow filmmakers and storytellers, and enjoy a plethora of panels dealing with the entertainment industry.


Samantha Levine, from the Austin Film Festival, stopped by Local Insights to encourage you to attend the big festival coming up October 24th. Are you a seasoned filmmaking vet, or did you just catch the bug to be part of the storytelling world, the Austin Film Festival is here to help you succeed in your journey. Spread the word, and we'll see you on the big screen in October!

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Austin Film Festival passes

Don't miss a minute of the 26th Austin Film Festival!

TCA Grant Video 2019 from AFF on Vimeo.

Do you want to volunteer with the Austin Film Festival?

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We made a movie once at the office starring KISS Guy. Almost 200,000 Rowdy Rockers have watched it so far. Have you?

KISS Guy Rocks Austin

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