ZZ Top: “The Show Must Go On”

ZZ Top with Elwood Francis on bass

ZZ Top: “The Show Must Go On”. Just days after ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill passed away, the band played a gig with their “new” bassist. Not necessarily a “new” member though. Elwood Francis has been a guitar tech for ZZ Top for 30 years. Dusty Hill actually gave Billy Gibbons the go-ahead to have Elwood rock in his stead. Was this “too soon” to see the band take the stage after a passing of an icon? In the immortal words of show business, The Show Must Go On. And if Dusty said to do it, well, there really was no other choice. Plus, peep that expertly sculpted beard Elwood is sporting. #RIPDustyHill

Check out their first show together after Dusty died with Elwood slappin da bass. Video courtesy of William Justice. If you want to see Elwood’s chops in person, ZZ Top is continuing their US tour through the year. No Austin dates, but they’ll be in doin multiple shows in Texas.


If you were wondering, my favorite ZZ Top album is ‘Tres Hombres‘. If you want to kick back a few in memory of all the great times Dusty Hill provided us live in concert, come over and vibe with me and the vinyl. Of course, ‘Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers’ is one of my all-time favorite tunes everrrr.

ZZ Top Tres Hombres




But what do I know about music? I’m just a dumb local radio personality who rocked a monkey tail beard and a mullet

B-DOE with a mullet and monkey tail beard


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