Who Wore it Best – Holiday Poles

Holiday Poles

Who Wore it Best – Holiday Poles. The age old question. When it comes to holidays, it seems they all involve some kind of pole. This is my favorite kind. All hail poles! I’ve had another amazing year hanging with all you Rowdy Rockers! It was a wild ride, much like these two on the poles. I’m doing my best to be positive for the future and very much look forward to being able to hang in person with you soon.


So, whether you celebrate Kwanza, Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus, or nothing at all, I hope your holiday season is full of family, friends, and love! Let’s see if we can party twice as hard in 2021! ROCK! I ask you Who Wore it Best – Holiday Pole edition… Kristin (PeaceLoveBlonde1234) vs. IronX Dance? YOU make the call.

All I want for Christmas is this here pole.


Or maybe you’d like a clarinet?




Are you one of those HORRIBLE Austinites that desecrates helpless conifers on the side of roads during the holidays? You are the worst. Read about the tradition of littering in Austin to celebrate Christmas… HERE!

Trees on side of highway



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