Video Tour: A Day in the Life of yer Brother B-DOE

B-DOE in studio with beard

Video Tour: A Day in the Life of yer Brother B-DOE. Ever wondered what a day at work for me actually looked like? Well, you’re in luck. I decided to include “director, cinematographer, filmmaker” to my resume. So, I whipped up this lil ditty of a video documenting an entire day of me at the Radio Ranch. September was my 17th anniversary of rockin ballz with you on the airwaves. Enjoy this sneak peak behind the curtains at work, and keep me company out there by following along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @BDOEROCKS.



Are you new to Austin, or the Rowdy Rocker family? Every Friday just after 1pm, we sing FRIDAYLUJAH and welcome each other to the weekend. Be a part of the tradition and celebrate accordingly every Friday. Pants always optional, and generally frowned upon. Watch this easy how-to video and graduate with a degree in FRIDAYLUJAH!



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