Show ME Your Mask

B-DOE's gasmask

I got bad news for you, Rowdy Rockers. I don’t think this corona craze is abating anytime soon. I see us having to wear masks for quite some time. We’ll probably have to have more than one in our arsenal to make it fashionable. Ready to throw up in your mouth a lil? Just wait til a Kardashian releases its own line of them bedazzled with diamonds. It will happen. I’d rather see something you created on your own.

Now that I’ve show you mine… you show me yours. Post a picture of your mask to my socials @BDOEROCKS and I’ll add you to our Rowdy Rocker Corona Mask Gallery.


Rowdy Rocker’s Masks

Need some tunes to listen to whilst you wear your pretty corona mask? I got 10 Bands You Need In Your Earholes… HERE!

B-DOE's music

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