Robot Bands Invasion


Robot Bands Invasion

You know I’m fixated on how robots and AI will eventually rule the world and eat us, right? A video of some wired up instruments playing rock tunes came across my timeline. It made me think about robots taking the place of humans in bands. One Hacker Band seems to be a technical master when it comes to programming. Check out his work with some of your favorite tunes.


Down the Robot Band Wormhole

This lead me down a dark path of discovering ACTUAL robots in bands. It’s all fun and games until these robots start to think for themselves, start their own bands, and eventually eat us. Check out Compressorhead. Apparently this dude’s been around for years. How have I not heard of this apocalyptic rock band? These are ACTUAL robots rockin out with their circuitboards out!


Boston Dynamics

Familiar with Boston Dynamics? I’m sure you’ve seen videos of their “dog”, or some other robot at some point. These things fuel my nightmares. They’re presented as a novelty, or some hobbyist creation. But in reality, they’re going to be the next generation of killing machines. And yes, at some point will probably eat us. Imagine going to a rock show, enjoying the robot band, and then you become the organic matter in which they must feast upon to power themselves to the next gig. Enjoy human bands whilst you can, my fellow Rowdy Rockers. The future is here… and will snack on us soon enough.




Ready for the Cyborgs???

Have you heard of Neuralink? It’s one of Elon Musk’s companies. Their mission statement is to, “develop ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” Basically, they’re creating a microchip that is implanted in human brains. Check out this blog to learn more about the future of Cyborgs!

Robocop cyborg face


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