Motorcycle Missions Build-Off

Motorcycle Missions Build Off

Photo: MotorcyleMissions

Krystal Hess is an all-around badass. She created the nonprofit Motorcycle Missions in 2016 to help Veterans and First Responders dealing with PTSD through motorcycle therapy. Shout out to Indian Motorcycle for providing two raw Indian Chief Dark Horses for a team from Austin and Dallas to build-off against each other with proceeds from the bikes going to fund Motorcycle Missions. The bikes will be unveiled at John Paul DeJoria’s and Gary Spellman’s, Peace, Love, and Happiness fundraiser on April 12th. Then, on April 13th, Rowdy Rockers can vote on Motorcycle Missions’ social network sites to see who will be named champ! The bikes will then travel to Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel and Casino to be auctioned off during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on August 6th.


You know I’m rooting for AUSTIN, but here is one moment in time when I’ll give dallas some love as well, because everyone involved is a winner with this build off with proceeds going directly to help fund Motorcycle Missions goal of helping Veterans with PTSD. Krystal took some time off of building to swing by Local Insights to tell you how to see these unique bikes, how to vote on who should win, and how to bid on them so you can own them yourself! Spread the word… and GO TEAM AUSTIN!

If you want to donate to Motorcycle Missions, or find out more on how you could be a part of their motorcycle therapy, visit

Motorcycle Missions

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