John Denver and Nirvana Mash Up You Need In Your Life

John Denver and Nirvana Mash Up

John Denver and Nirvana Mash Up You Need In Your Life. I never once said to myself, “self, wouldn’t a John Denver and Nirvana mash up be cool?” But here we are. ‘There I Ruined It‘, is an amazing YouTube creator who comes up with some out of this world musical mash ups. This is a great way to fantasize if John and Kurt were both still alive, bored, and looking to collab.



Check out what Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’ would sound like… Polka style!


Did you hear that Limp Bizkit will be rockin Lollapalooza? Wonder if they’ll bust out this brilliant Broadway remix of ‘Break Stuff’. One can only hope!




Did you know B-DOE is a SUPER Star Wars Nerd? Are you one too? Check out some of his toys and whatnots that he still has and won’t let his kids play with.

B-DOE with Star Wars Troopers

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