How To FRIDAYLUJAH. Regardless if you can’t remember what day it is, or what days are, the weekend is still sacred. Are you new to Austin and the Rowdy Rocker family? We have a tradition around here called FRIDAYLUJAH. It’s easy to do, more fun with friends, and a great way to welcome yourself to the weekend. Every Friday just after 1pm, we sing out loud (pants alwayz optional) and give the big #1 sign to the work week. Whether you’re at you desk (kitchen table), or going in to an office (who still does that?!?), follow these easy directions and make FRIDAYLUJAH your favorite ritual.




Tired of your family’s “traditional” casseroles? Burnt out on ramen and boiled hot dogs? Need something to spice up your STAY AT HOME culinary game? Here’s 7 delicious easy peasy meals to enjoy in the comfort of your abode. You’re welcome.


Chef boyarB-DOE


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