How I Survived My First Shelter-In-Place

B-DOE at home with lovies

How I survived my first shelter-in-place. Did I? I think so. I’m not really sure. Physically, yes, I survived. But mentally, I think the jury is still out. Have you retained your sense of time? My understanding of time, it’s meaning, and how much of it has passed, is now a compete mystery to me. Did we remove the shelter-in-place order too soon? Will we have to shelter-in-place again this year? Ugh. If so, here’s some tips to share on how I survived my first shelter-in-place. Hopefully it is the ONLY one I’ll ever have to live through.


I listened to music. A LOT of music. I ordered a new turntable and reacquainted myself to a bunch of records I hadn’t spun in quite some time. Here’s 10 bands that you should be listening to as well.

B-DOE's music


With nothing but time on my hands, I sharpened my coronavirus quarantine culinary chops! Not only was it fun to involve the family in the process, but it helped plan meals for the week. I shared with you 7 easy meals for you to make and enjoy at home. Just call me… Chef boyarB-DOE.

Chef boyarB-DOE


My family started new hobbies like puzzling. We knocked out a THOUSAND piece puzzle miraculously without knocking out each other. Best news was my 3 year old didn’t swallow any of the pieces. We really did it! This picture is NOT photoshopped.

Thousand piece parrot puzzle


Dreaming about where I’d rather be was a fun game. I compiled a blog of photos, videos, and audio, from a few places I’d visited in my pre-coronavirus days. Unfortunately, fantasizing about where I’d rather be led me to want to start drinking.

B-DOE on the beach


I drank a lot. Pre-pandemic, I was never the come home every night and make a toddy kinda guy. Funny how a shelter-in-place can change that quite quickly.

B-DOE's booze


Have you had home remodeling or renovations planned for forever? Now’s a great time to do-it-yourself! Unfortunately, my home office was just about finished when work said I had to come back to the building. It was for the best I guess, the wi-fi was spotty and the roof leaked. Disregard that last sentence and look for this property to be listed soon on nextdoor.

B-DOE's home office


My mom made me a mask, so it’s obviously the bestest mask out there. Then, I asked you Rowdy Rockers to show me yours. Your masks. And then you showed me your masks. Check out the Rowdy Rocker Corona Mask Gallery. Are you in there?

Rowdy Rocker Grizz and his FACE mask




Many of your neighbors in Central Texas are hurting due to the economic hit this pandemic is causing. If you have the means to financially help out a nonprofit, please do so. Find one that speaks to your heart, and see what you can do to help them. This is great advice anytime throughout the year, but especially NOW. For instance, the Central Texas Food Bank needs 25 THOUSAND Food Boxes a week to keep up with demand. Hear how you can help provide a Food Box, distribute them, or receive one, by listening here.

Central Texas Food Bank Volunteer

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