Friendly Reminder To Defrost The Dang Ol Turkey

Friendly reminder to defrost the dang ‘ol turkey. There ya go. Sage advice from yer Brother B-DOE. Things are quite different this year when it comes to gathering for the holidays. Are you sticking with just your housemates to celebrate Thanksgiving? Or are you going ballz out and scheduling a rave where everyone dresses like a turkey? Regardless, I have TWO pieces of advice for you this Thanksgiving my fellow Rowdy Rockers…

First off, wear sweat pants the rest of the week so you aren’t constantly reminded about how much food you’ve eaten. Maybe just transition to sweat/sleep pants through the New Year.

Secondly, DEFROST YER DANG ‘OL FROZEN TURKEY BEFORE YOU DROP IT IN THE DEEP FRYER. We all have that one relative that needs to hear this. If yer drunk Uncle Louie isn’t making it over this year, please remind him to join the zoom before he starts cookin so you can film it. If you are brave and invite him over, please remember to film in landscape mode.




Are you new to Austin? Have you heard of the Time Honored Tradition of Littering to Celebrate the Holidays?

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