Caller Vehemently Opposes “Birthmonth” Celebration

LISTEN to the caller who vehemently opposes my “BIRTHMONTH” celebration. You only live once. Or at least that’s what some people say. I say, if that is indeed the case, that you should truly celebrate the fact you were actually born. Don’t just celebrate a “day”, life is too short. I encourage you to impress and annoy all your friends and family by stretching it out and celebrating a “BIRTHMONTH”!


This caller obviously disagrees with my BIRTHMONTH sentiments and took the time out of his busy schedule to let me know. Thank you to the many who called in to wish me actually good things on my BIRTHMONTH. I have included a few of my favorites before you hear the opposite side of the BIRTHMONTH argument. May the BIRTHMONTH be with you, always.



All I really want for my BIRTHMONTH, besides whirled peas, is a Reckless Kelly Shakoolie! I mean if you’re a Shower Beer enthusiast, how can you live without one?!?

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