Behind the Scenes: HAAM’s Corporate Battle of the Bands

B-DOE talking at HAAM event

Behind the Scenes: HAAM’s Corporate Battle of the Bands, Presented by H-E-B and Powered by Cirrus Logic. It’s going down on the internets, Friday June 26th at NOON(c)! The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians relies on their annual CBOB to raise a good portion of their yearly budget. This year the nonprofit is already behind goal, AND they’ve seen an increase of musicians looking for help during the COVID-19 pandemic. With most venues closed for concerts, this virtual event is an amazing way to bring the community together.

Stephen Jeffrey, Board Chair for HAAM, stopped by Local Insights. He tells you all about the Behind the Scenes action that will take place at noon(c) on Friday, June 26th. Stream the program on HAAM’s Facebook and YouTube page. You’ll see performances, artist and corporate CEO interviews, and have a chance to help fundraise for HAAM! Spread the word and watch the show on June 26th at noon!


Make sure to catch the show on HAAM’s Facebook and YouTube page at noon(c) on Friday, June 26th!

HAAM's flyer for virtual Corporate Battle of the Bands


HAAM couldn’t put together such an amazing event for local music without the help of their sponsors. Shout out to ACL Live, FVF Law, Silicon Labs, C3 Presents, Seton Ascension, Cirrus Logic and H-E-B. Check out a tune from Epicor Software’s band, Cloud 9.


The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians is here to help our local music community during this COVID-19 crisis. Reenie Collins, Executive Director of HAAM, gives you all the details on this episode of Local Insights.

Reenie and her dog LISTO




Need some new music in your life? Check out 10 bands I was rockin to whilst I stayed at home.

B-DOE's music

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