B-DOE’S 48 Hours in South Beach

B-DOE in the ocean

B-DOE’S 48 Hours in South Beach. Guess what I did? Spoiler Alert: drank, ate, beached, drank, and drank. Shocker, right? To say I needed a break from the grind would be an understatement. This was the first vacation without kids since my 4 year old was born. You do the math on that. Yes, I love my children, but after a year plus of the pandemic, the parents needed a getaway. We decided on South Beach, Florida. Why? Because of the beach, booze, food, and booze. Here’s what I got into whilst raging in Florida…

We had a downright delicious sushi meal created by Chef Baker at Sushi By Bou. The ladies wanted to visit the spirit of Versace, so we found this little gem inside the Versace Mansion. So glad we did!


Then of course we hit the beach. If there’s anything I don’t get enough of when I visit any coast, it’s beach time.


The next day we decided to hit up Pharrell Williams’ The Goodtime Hotel. Designed by world famous Ken Fulk, every inch of the hotel feels like perfection. It just so happened that a fellow jabroni was DJing the pool that day. You know I had to stay and get my fist pump on with the world famous DJ Pauly D!


I had a blast. So much so, that my inner Bo Derek had to make an appearance. BTW… she is one of my many spirit animals.


My 48 hours in South Beach was so much fun. I could always use ONE more beach day. I’d say that no matter how many beach days I had. Here’s some photos of more of my exploits. Have you ever been to South Beach? Did I miss anything? Besides feasting on Cuban food, what do I need to make sure I do when I go back?

B-DOE’S 48 Hours in South Beach



Looking for something closer to home? Here’s what you can do if you have 48 hours to burn in New Orleans!

B-DOE in New Orleans
Hand Grenade

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