5th Annual O.P. Veteran Spring Kickoff to Benefit HARTH Foundation

5th Annual OP Veteran Spring Kickoff

The 5th Annual O.P. Veteran Spring Kickoff is Saturday, April 4th at the Long Branch Saloon from 6p-1am. Each year, O.P. Veteran throws a party to bring the Veteran community together to benefit a local nonprofit. This year, the HARTH Foundation will be the beneficiary. Make plans to attend this rockin evening of live music from Darren McGill, Deanna Wheeler, the Adam Berry Band, delicious food from Bravo Company BBQ, and exciting prizes from a raffle with all proceeds going to the HARTH Foundation.

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Rooster and Sean, from O.P. Veteran, and Sherry from the HARTH Foundation, stopped by Local Insights to tell you all about this annual event. The HARTH Foundation provides, “healing programs for combat veterans and their families to improve mental health, well-being, and quality of life” through equine therapy. Who doesn’t love horses?!? Make plans to attend, help support the Veteran community, and spread the word!


Need more info on the HARTH Foundation? Visit HARTHtx.org.

HARTH Foundation


Don’t miss the 5th Annual O.P. Veteran Spring Kickoff, Saturday, April 4th at The Long Branch Saloon to help benefit the HARTH Foundation!

5th Annual OP Veteran Spring Kickoff Flyer


Watch this to learn more about the HARTH Foundation.


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