St. David’s HealthCare’s HeroCare Program

St. David's Round Rock Medical Center

Show your support for our nurses, doctors, and health care providers by downloading signs from the St. David’s HealthCare’s HeroCare Program and posting them in your front yard or car window, today. We can do our part by washing our hands, following guidelines from the CDC, socially distancing, staying home, and wearing masks when you leave the house. We can show our support for those on the frontlines through the HeroCare Program.

Tami Taylor, Chief Nursing Officer at St. David’s Round Round Medical Center, stopped by Local Insights to share the story of the St. David’s HealthCare’s HeroCare Program and what life is like for a health care provider during a pandemic. Spread the word.

Shout out to Tami Taylor and everyone doing their job to help ensure the health of our community! You can say thank you by participating in the HeroCare Program!

Tami Taylor


The Central Texas Food Bank is in dire need of monetary donations to keep up with the unprecedented demand for their Food Boxes. If you can help support them, or you need food, LISTEN to president and CEO of CTFB Derrick Chubbs on this episode of Local Insights.

Central Texas Food Bank

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