LA Lloyd





LA Lloyd has been rocking Austin and San Antonio since 1995. He is the Program Director for KLBJ-FM but his favorite time of day is when he’s on air with his extended family of rockers. LA was the original afternoon personality for 101X and also did afternoons for legendary rocker 99.5 KISS in San Antonio where he was also the Program Director. On July 4, 2000, he began a new rock countdown called LA Lloyd's Rock 30 that was syndicated nationally by Dial-Global, New York City.  The show (now known as the LA Lloyd Rock Countdown) is still on the air in over 30 cities including KLBJ-FM.

Lloyd returned to KLBJ-FM in January of 2013 and every weekday he hosts the "Happy Hour" with a 12-Pack of Rock commercial free rock to give you some relief from the traffic for the drive home. LA Lloyd is married to Kathi and they have two daughters, a yellow lab and a cockatiel.  Life is good!