Bon Jovi drops their latest album ‘Forever’

Bon Jovi members Tico Torres^ David Bryan^ and Jon Bon Jovi attend the opening night of "Diana^ The Musical" on Broadway at The Longacre Theatre. NEW YORK^ NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 17^ 2021

Bon Jovi has dropped its 16th studio album, Forever, which comes four years after the LP 2020, released in 2020. The 12-track Forever was recorded in seven weeks by Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates — keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres, bassist Hugh McDonald, guitarist Phil X, percussionist Everett Bradley and rhythm guitarist John Shanks.

Frontman Jon Bon Jovi chronicled his journey recovering from vocal cord surgery in 2022 in the recent Hulu series Thank You, Goodnight – The Bon Jovi Story, sharing that it helped to inspire Forever: “I went into this surgery and I had a lot of time on my hands — all I could really do was sit around and start to think about songs. I started to feel joy again. And we — the collective we, who lived through COVID — we’d all come out of that fog, and we were interacting again. There was a new appreciation for life. And I was having this new appreciation for my body. And it led to all these songs.” Bon Jovi added of the album: “Nothing was on delay. It just flowed.”

You can stream ‘Forever’ – here.

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