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Dudley & Bob + Matt Sideshow Podcast

LIVE from Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, TX – The Dudley & Bob + Matt Sideshow are joined by SiriusXM’s Ron Bennington and Comedian / National...
Cap City Comedy Club, Austin, Texas - December 12th, 2017
Dale, Bob, Matt, CJ, Chuy & Daniel discuss passive aggressiveness, work, vacation & Matt’s new key card!
Dale, Bob & Matt talk bitcoin angst
Dale, Bob & CJ talk ‘Pupjoy’ and dating tips for Chuy.
Bob & Matt discuss the ladies and men in our lives, those around them, and why we call some ‘squirrels.’
Bob, CJ & Daniel go camping at Pace Bend Park
Matt confesses/reveals and Dale & Bob offer advice
Bob & Matt discuss Bob’s ultimate dilemma. Can Matt help?
A very special Sideshow edition of 'Fast Food Fanatics.'