How’d You Feel About Matthew McConaughey’s Longhorn Hype Video

Matthew McConaughey rapping

Is It Time To Bless The Mood?

The one and only Matthew McConaughey recently released a Texas Longhorn Basketball Hype Music Video and if you haven’t seen it yet… you need to.

The visuals and editing are well-done. The inclusion of a wonderful band, gospel singers, and local musician Mélat were surprise additions but it’s McConaughey’s delivery that makes this truly special. McConaughey brings in a unique country-inspired rap spew of empowering lyrics for our Longhorns.

However this was not the debut of his signature rhythm, April saw McConaughey chanting ‘bless the mood’ at the Moody Center opening ceremony.

Let us know your thoughts. Corny? Delightful? Inspiring? I think I’ll be saying ‘bless the mood’ all week.

Bless The Mood – Matthew McConaughey – Music Video

KXAN captures McConaughey’s ‘bless the mood’ chant-


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