Chinese man keeps $30 million lottery jackpot secret from family

Chinese lottery winner

A Chinese man who won almost $30 million in the lottery, says he is keeping the jackpot a secret from his wife and child. Identified only as Mr Li, the man told the Nanning Evening News, “I didn’t tell my wife and child for fear that they would be too complacent and would not work or work hard in the future.”

The man went alone to the lottery office in Nanning to claim his winnings. Photos show him wearing a yellow Fudou costume, the lottery’s mascot, accepting the prize.

“Mr. Li” had been buying lottery tickets for 10 years, always playing the same numbers, and had occasionally won small amounts of money. He donated some of his winnings to charity, but has not decided how he wants to spend the rest.

Tonight’s Powerball is up to a record breaking $1.9 billion. Good luck keeping that amount of money a secret should you win.



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