Central Texas COVID-19 Update for June 10, 2020


The numbers have remained fairly flat in Bastrop County from Tuesday to Wednesday. There are still a total of 251 confirmed cases, 96 recoveries, and three deaths. 156 of the cases have been flagged in the unincorporated areas of Bastrop County. Elgin has reported 77 cases, while the City of Bastrop and the City of Smithville have reported nine cases each.


31 cases of coronavirus remain active Wednesday morning in Comal County, although officials say there are 13 other cases currently classified as “probable.” The county has seen a total of 134 confirmed cases, seven of which have resulted in a person’s death. But the overwhelming majority of cases — 109, to be exact — have recovered. Only 1.36-percent of patients have ever required hospitalization.


Since the beginning of the local outbreak, only 34 of Hays County’s 465 confirmed coronavirus cases have required a hospital stay, and there are only six people who are currently in the hospital for COVID-19. Five have died. As of today, 210 cases are active but 250 have recovered. Kyle still has the most confirmations by a wide margin.


The gap between Travis County’s total number of coronavirus cases and number of recoveries has grown significantly smaller in recent weeks. Austin Public Health has officially confirmed 3976 cases since March, but 3182 are now recoveries. 99 have died. Hospitalizations continue to fluctuate between the mid-80s and mid-90s. This morning, that number is at 91.


Williamson County has seen a noticeable jump in active COVID-19 cases in the past 24-hours. There were 163 yesterday, and the number is up to 194 this morning. 522 people have made recoveries. Williamson County hospitals still aren’t feeling the pinch from coronavirus. Eight are hospitalized today, up by only one from yesterday, and 50-percent of beds are available.

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