Speed Dating “Exes”

Speed Dating Exes

To keep with our speed dating theme, the gang had evening radioman and digital producer CJ Morgan come in and speed date a few ladies from his past. These lovely women didn’t hold back but did he get a date and chance to rekindle a past fling? Listen and find out…





  • TURN OFFS/PET PEEVES ABOUT CJ: kind of egotistical, even though he has potential to be a lot nicer/cooler when he wants to be
  • WHAT HAPPENED/WHERE DID IT GO WRONG: he was inconsistent at first, then he would continue to pop in and out of my life whenever he thought I was with someone else. It got old and predictable.
  • WHAT COULD HE DO BETTER IN HIS DATING LIFE/WHAT ADVICE: he needs to figure out what he really wants and when/if he does that, he needs to go after it full force. I think there’s something sexy about being mildly aggressive but  not over the top.
  • KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW, WOULD YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN? No. I think I deserve better than that.


  • TURN ONS/WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO CJ: The brilliant wit, creative genius, and heart of gold that lives inside a very raw, real, and (self-admitted) flawed person-who isn’t?!
  • TURN OFFS/PET PEEVES ABOUT CJ: Nothing; I accept him for who he is
  • WHAT HAPPENED/WHERE DID IT GO WRONG: Basically it boiled down to me having different expectations for him and his time than what he was able to or wanted to give consistently. We were going great and then he just inexplicably stopped showing the same interest in me, so when I heard Dale talking about him “juggling” (among other things), it seemed like a logical explanation for a situation in which I wasn’t getting insight to the contrary-wasn’t getting anything reassuring at all.  I wasn’t going to be played, nor was I going to wait around for someone who wasn’t available, so I ended it. We’ve talked it all out since then, and I believe I know the truth now, and fully respect what happened and why.
  • WHAT COULD HE DO BETTER IN HIS DATING LIFE/WHAT ADVICE: His limited personal time is very important to him, especially making time to just be alone, so he just needs to be open and honest about that from the beginning, and appropriately reassuring and considerate in making time for someone if he chooses to get serious.
  • KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW, WOULD YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN? Absolutely! No harm, no foul. He’s a great person and I hope to always call him a friend.


  • TURN ONS/WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO CJ: I wouldn’t say I was ever “attracted to” CJ. We had fun goofing off on air, and decided to have a drink. He’s actually much smarter in person than he comes off on the radio.
  • TURN OFFS/PET PEEVES ABOUT CJ: He has a bigger personality than me, and I can’t date someone like that. Plus, he’s tall, lumpy, didn’t have a car, and lives super far north.
  • WHAT HAPPENED/WHERE DID IT GO WRONG: I was never going to “date” CJ anyway. We literally met for drinks twice. But, we are still friends. So I wouldn’t say anything “went wrong.”
  • WHAT COULD HE DO BETTER IN HIS DATING LIFE/WHAT ADVICE: Get in shape, maybe? There’s nothing “wrong” with him, per se. He’s just not someone I would wanna date.
  • KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW, WOULD YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN?  I have an amazing boyfriend now, but the three of us could totally grab a drink. Sure.


  • TURN ONS/WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO CJ: His drinking ability and his fake confidence. We read each other really well, it’s the only reason we’re friends.
  • TURN OFFS/PET PEEVES ABOUT CJ: He never listens to positive advice, constant self deprication, too dumb to solve lonestar caps.
  • WHAT HAPPENED/WHERE DID IT GO WRONG: Nothing ever really happened- we’re friends that hooked up, we still get drunk and laugh about it sometimes. We’re always the wrong person at the wrong time for each other.
  • WHAT COULD HE DO BETTER IN HIS DATING LIFE/WHAT ADVICE: For 2 YEARS I’ve told him – Stop dating toxic women and don’t chase after the women that aren’t into you. He finds these awful women, hands them his balls, bends over and says ‘thank you’. Then when everything goes to shit I think he kind of enjoys the ugly downfall of the relationship. He needs to find a normal human that doesn’t treat him like garbage. Stop chasing the drama. Stop acting like he’s not good enough for a healthy relationship. Stop calling that red headed She Devil. Stop thinking he can do the same thing over and over and get a different result. Start being nice to himself. Sometimes I just want to shake him.
  • KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW, WOULD YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN? Sure. He’s an idiot but he’s a great friend.

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