Miss KLBJ Rock Girl Ravyn

21 year old who likes to take it back to the classics of rock n roll! Grew up singing journey, Bon Jovi and more and chillin like that. Not to mention I have awesome hair lol

2) What kind of Rock Girl photo shoot do you envision? I envision something edgy and fierce but also classic and unique

3) What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen or been a part of in Austin? The weirdest thing I’ve seen is probably a drunken lady try to walk into a brick wall down on 6th street.

4) Who is your favorite KLBJ Radio Personality? I can’t pick just one, all of them have something they bring to the radio station that just gives it an awesome vibe and keeps the listeners listening.

5) How does being a Rock Girl further your life goals? Being a rock girl could further my career just by opening up different platforms for me like maybe modeling.

6) Why? Why? Why not ? What girl on this planet wouldn’t wanna take an opportunity as amazing as being a rock girl and taking it to a new level.


Miss KLBJ Rock Girl Raven

Raven by: Vaughn Luciano

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