Miss KLBJ Rock Girl Malkia

Rock Girl Malkia

My name is Malkia. I’m newly 30 and work independently. I appreciate off-beat/crass humor. I’m an acquired taste but social AF. Service industry oriented.

What kind of Rock Girl photo shoot do you envision? 

I’ve only ever done boudoir photoshoots. So anything that accentuates my T&A is great to me!

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen or been a part of in Austin?

Hmm… weirdest thing in austin… There’s a pretty big “lifestyle” group here in austin and I’ve accidentally ended up on swinger’s boats before. A lot of older nudity.

Who is your favorite KLBJ Radio Personality? 

CJ is my fave.

How does being a Rock Girl further your life goals? 

Being a rock girl furthers my goals by opening up a vast amount of networking. I love meeting new people and having reasons to travel. I think this could be an awesome opportunity for that.

Why? (not related to the above just an existential question)

Only god knows and he’s not even real.




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