NO CONTROL Radio Replay 11/19/22

Is this really my ‘Thankgiving’ Episode? I mean I will be back next weekend after we all gain ten extra pounds from stuffing and pecan pie, but how can it really be the week of Thanksgiving? I, for one, am thankful for metal, like new music from Amorphis, Entheos, August Burns Red, Insomnium, Obituary, Katatonia, plus Texas metal from Deocculted and Ungrieved too. We jam out some tickets for shows coming up and put on some sweet old folks tunes from Mercyful Fate and more…good stuff, Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

artist song title album title
Wishbone The Elephant Riders
The Wrong Time Dying of Everything
Atrium Sky Void of Stars
Rain Ascendency
This Was My Life Countdown to Extinction
The Well Single
Absolute Zero Single
Ancestry Death Below
Destruction of Souls Don’t Break the Oath
Bleed Me an Ocean Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Sleepwalking to Extinction Ep
artist song title album title
Cult Christ Illusion
Doomswitch Single
Relic of Damnation Deathwestern
Snakes For the Divine Snakes For the Divine
Lilian Anno 1696
Paper Warrior Quarter Life Daydream
Capable of Violence Remember… You Must Die
Suicide Messiah Mafia
Homicidal Retribution War of Attrition
An Eye for the Occulted Sun Ep
Man on the Silver Mountain Single


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