Show Highlights – Monday, October 17, 2022


It’s Good… No wait, It’s GREAT To Be King!

Matt And Chuy Get The VIP Longhorn Experience!


Chuy was heard saying, “It ain’t VIP without ME!”

4 vips

Going to a Longhorn games has come a LONG way from the days when you sat in the $5 knot-hole end zone section with a bag of stale peanuts and a Coke (or equivalent product). Today’s game day vibe is all about lanyards, exclusive access, A-List concerts, prime rib buffets, and millionaires toasting with their premium liquors like Still Austin Whiskey! “Game… what game? Just pass me a couple of those schkrimps over there!” Listen to Matt and Chuy describe their VIP gameday experience, below!



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