Podcast Recap – Jess Pryles, Aries Spears, Music festivals + Top Sexy Playlists on Mornings with Matt and Bob 6/14

Podcast Recap Header image for week of 6/14/2024 Mornings with Matt and Bob on KLBJFM Austin

Games, Music, Guest appearances and so much more this week from Mornings with Matt + Bob (Powered by Chuy)

Jess Pryles, Aries Spears, Music festivals and top sexy playlists, plus songs of the summer and making up new names and age restrictions!

MONDAY 6-10-24 Boats, In Touch Much and Games Shows

Monday the guys discussed maybe renting a boat?

Then Chuy tests the guys pop culture knowledge with an in-touch, much? contest. And the fellas take calls on the best TV game shows ever.


TUESDAY 6-11-24 Zilker Train, Age Restrictions and Male Contraception

Tuesday the guys lament the fact that they were not invited to the media opening of the new Zilker train.

Toxic Tuesday asks what age limitations do we put on things in society and which should we add in.

Then they discuss male contraception.


WEDNESDAY 6-12-24 Business Lingo, Songs of the Summers and VIP food

Wednesday the fellas discussed the different kind of useless language people use at work.

Then Bob challenges Matt and Chuy with his quiz about summer music hits.

Finally, they argue over what they will be eating in the Round Rock Express suite they have recently booked….if anything!

THURSDAY 6-13-24 Music Festivals, Top Sexy Playlists and Jess Pryles

OnThrusday the guys talk about music festivals and the future of them.

Bob reveals the top songs on sexy playlists, then they have a bunch of fun with Jess Pryles as the guys open the phonelines for questions.


FRIDAY 6-14-24 New Names, Supermarket Weep and Aries Spears

Matt and Bob (Powered by Chuy!) start off talking about words that could be good names.

Chuy also hosts Head-to-Head today in his version of price is right with cheap items the guys would never buy.

We then welcome Aries Spears and Andy Steinberg as they get to know Aries and his long decorated career in comedy, ahead of Spears’ FIVE shows this weekend at Cap City Comedy Club.

Get your tix here,

Then the fellas also play a new game “This or That” with their guests.


Thanks for tuning in all week!

We’ll see you Monday, Matt & Bob Warriors!

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