Mornings with Matt + Bob Podcast Recap 5/24 – Ded Lobster, Ashley Madison, Taylor Welden, Apple’s Best Albums

pocast recap header week 5/24/24

Angry letters, Ashley Madison toxic tuesday, The ABCs of Me continues, and Matt accepts another award this week, Employee of the Month!

Then, everyone in the studio has high opinions about “Apple’s top 100 albums of all time,” and you’re probably feeling the same way.

Tune in to each episode below and we’ll see you next week on Mornings with Matt and Bob (Powered by Chuy), weekday mornings from 6-10a on KLBJ!


MONDAY 5/20 – In Touch Much, Angry Letters and Ded Lobster

Chuy once again puts together a perfect contest!

The fellas handle some angry letters with grace, then finally get the news that it could be the end of Red Lobster.

TUESDAY 5/21 – Mexic Arte, Sexy Lenny and Ashley Madison

The guys get right with the community and interviewed Kaitlyn Zaldana with the Mexic Arte museum, prior to their A Taste of Mexico event on Wednesday.

The show also has a spirited discussion on whether Chuy should be calling other men sexy when he sees them.

Then, Toxic Tuesday hits hard with a discussion about Ashley Madison and the benefits? of their service.

WEDNESDAY 5/22 – Cyber Ruckus, Abc’s of Me and Glen Powell

Bob puts together another cyber truck related contest, then take calls from listeners allowing them to “ask us anything,” on our newly running segment “The ABC’s of Me.”

Bob also reminds everyone of his movie star status.

THURSDAY 5/23 – Bearden Awarded, Apple Music’s Best Albums and Taylor Welden

On Thursday, Chuy and Bob talk about Mr-Employee-of-the-Month Matt Bearden.

Then they discuss Apples “Best Albums” ranked, and chat with Taylor Welden in the studio to discuss Everyday Carry and Survival.



It’s a long Memorial Day Weekend, so the trio runs a “Best of,” show this morning.

We Remember and Honor those lives that were lost this Memorial Day.

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