Matt and Bob Podcast Recap 6/21 – Angry Letters, Totaled Tesla, Fries & Veggies Quiz, 2024 Austin Awards. Plus, Freedom Beer and “Hawk Tua”

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So much going on this week and we thought summer was slow!

Check out the recap of the podcast and live show this week from Mornings with Matt and Bob (Powered by Chuy) Weekday mornings from 6-10 on KLBJ 93.7 FM in Austin!

MONDAY 6-17 Boys Night Out, Fries and Veggie Quiz

Monday the guys talk about Sawyer’s luck at the Baseball outing this weekend.

Then they try to rank fries in the city but this one was a tough egg to crack.

They also challenge “Their cavemen audience,” by giving away Judas Priest tickets with a lovely quiz about vegetables.

TUESDAY 6-18 Totaled Tesla, Meat & Greets and Johnny Rude

Tuesday the fellas talk to the victim of Drew’s reckless behavior wrecking Bob’s Tesla.

Then, as usual, they get Toxic while talking about Chris Brown and a man suing Apple.

Then, Johnny Rude joins at the end of the show. It’s a midweek party!


WEDNESDAY 6-19 Summer Songs, Angry Letter and Monoliths

On Wednesday, the guys get quizzed by Bob about songs of the summer.

Then we address the Angry Letter the boss received about the show…

They also get into Monoliths and other odd stories from around the country.


THURSDAY 6-20 Matt Alone, Austin Awards and Chuck Chairs

Matt talks about not knowing what to do for fun while his wife is out of town.

They also reveal all of the winners of the Chronicle awards and give out awards of their own!

Chuck from Midnight Metal pops in to talk about our NEW CHAIRS!!!! (Something NEW?!)

FRIDAY 6-21 Hawk Tua, Maie Day and Freedom Beer

And finally on Friday the guys discuss the viral “Hawk tua” woman.

We then discuss our upcoming lunch with Jess Pryles and Ali Khan.

Chuy then brings in a new product by Hulk Hogan that will definitely being Americans closer….. Or will it? What do you think?


Have a gret weekend, warriors! See you on Monday!



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