Annoying Dork Makes 11 Minute Video Explaining His Package Thief Glitter Bomb

package thief

Every Holiday season, we as a community have to be extra weary of package thieves. Everyone knows someone who has had a package stolen from their house (or they themselves have been robbed). Even though technology – such as doorbell cams – has got better, the crimes seem to be increasing as more people are doing their shopping online. 

So what in the shit can we do about this problem? Enter the latest video sweeping the Internet: engineer VS package thieves.

Unfortunately, most of the video is some dude yammering but their are a few decent payoffs. One package explodes with glitter and another one oozes fart juice resulting in mild hilarity. 

Hopefully we will see more of these videos and hopefully they might deter some thieves (and hopefully they will be edited down a bit). 

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